Dne 27. 01. 22 v 0:18 Adam Williamson napsal(a):
BTW, bonus follow-up to this: as part of researching the background of
polkit, I noticed that we never actually entirely got done moving off
usermode :( There are still over a dozen packages in the distro that
require it:

Moving off to where?

FYI there is tracking bug

[Tracker] Deprecate consolehelper and switch apps to use PolicyKit 1 for Fedora 12


but lots of the bugs are closed as DEFERED or WONTFIX.

I tried to migrate Mock out of consolehelper


but very soon I discovered that documentation of PolicyKit is nearly non-existent. At least, it is not sufficient to do the migration. After reading the code I found that it is likely missing functionality of consolehelper.

I had a discussion with maintainer of PolicyKit and we both come conclusion that PolicyKit stopped in the middle of nowhere and for me and Mock is better to stay with consolehelper.

Does the situation have changed?