On 02/04/2014 06:15 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
honestly going back to only a install DVD with a sane user-UI and dedicate all the time wasted for the spin/products/discrimination discussions for documentations, screenshots and howtos would have more benefit for Fedora there is nothing you can't setup with the "one fits all" DVD or even with a slim network install if you only knew what to install and how to configure

Right! since spins are just a fancy way to install groups, I would like the main install to offer them in a distinct 'I want to customize' installation step of the One True Fedora. That assumes that one can actually mix and match groups, even if they affect the fundamental layers such as the desktop environment. I haven't tried a combined Gnome/KDE installation recently, but I remember that it just offered an option to start a login session in either desktop environment.

An example of rampant customization is SUSE studio (http://susestudio.com/browse), and I am not at all impressed by it.  I am sure that there are some gems there but the pile of options is just overwhelming, and I think a better approach would be to have a solid base system with multiple customization recipes.

This would require careful definition of QA release requirements, to avoid combinatorial explosion in testing---but the current approach of testing the two basic desktop environments is fine and would still work.