I agree with David.

While I am sure that we can fix every bit of the distribution and documentation to refer to "Fedora Linux", I don't think there is a way to change people to refer in colloquial language to Fedora, the operating system, as a Fedora Linux. I'll certainly keep using sentences such as "I have installed Fedora on my LP", because most of people will know what does it mean and it is shorted and well rooted. It won't be in bad faith, it'll be just simpler. Similarly people are using "I have installed Red Hat" referring to "Red Hat Enterprise Linux".

However, I can imagine that somebody will correct me that the right way is to say "I have installed Fedora Linux on my LP", because "Fedora" does not exist in this context.


Dne 10. 03. 21 v 2:45 David Kaufmann napsal(a):
On Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 05:32:41PM -0500, Matthew Miller wrote:
I agree that it's a little weird at first, but as Ben Cotton said,
after the first hundred times or so it becomes natural.
This is not necessarily true. Our university IT department changed its
name about a decade ago, from three letters to four letters (both
abbreviations). But now, about ten years later still noone apart from
the officials use the new name.
(Even they don't consistently use it, despite orders(!) to use the new
I assume this is because the new name is clunkier - it could be
pronounced as one syllable before and now all four letters need to be
pronounced separately to not sound weird.

I think this is similar to the Mandrake/Mandriva example.

All the best,

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