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On Mon, Mar 09, 2020 at 03:04:20PM +0100, Kamil Paral wrote:
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> > On 07. 03. 20 0:29, Tim Flink wrote:
> > > If you have any questions about this, feel free to reply to this thread.
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> > Hello Tim.
> >
> > I have 3 questions.
> >
> I'll selectively pick just the questions I want to reply to and leave the
> rest to Tim :-)
> >
> > 1) On what level of Fedora leadership was this decision made (and where
> > can I
> > read about it)?
> >
> > 2) Why are we removing something that arguably has a lot of value with
> > something
> > that doesn't exist yet?
> >
> It's not a direct response to your question, but one important fact is that
> our beefy machines in Fedora Infrastructure are out of warranty now (and
> replacing them would cost a lot of money, I assume). That's one of the
> major reasons why they won't be migrated to the new datacenter location, I
> believe.

Maybe that shows my ignorance, but has the approach of using machines
w/o warranty been considered? Most servers seem to work just fine for years
and years, and the warranty is mostly useful to catch factory defects.

Warranty covers disk drives.. which the server just reported a drive dropped within the last hour. QA boxes seem to lose drives more than any other hardware we have.. we have had to rebuild QA boxes regularly from scratch multiple times from 3 drives dieing on raid-6. 

Second the new datacentre is size constrained. We currently have 13 racks of equipment and the new data centre is 5 racks. While the new racks are 10U bigger that really only means we have '6' U of old rack space. The move is several thousand miles of roads/trains/etc. While bundled carefully, you can expect anywhere from 5 to 20% of the equipment to need warranty repairs for broken drives/motherboards/etc after the move.  The more stuff you move the larger the percentage because the more likely things cascade. So we are shipping the bare minimum of hardware which has no warranty with the knowledge that things like PPC/Arm may not work and will need focus from the 2 sysadmins in Fedoraproject.

Third new work on taskotron ended internally a while ago. Most of the fixes I know of have been the sort of 'well huh who would have coded it that way.. oh git blame it would have to be me.' for a while. This end of life was going to happen either now or any day ending in Y when those fixes weren't possible anymore. 

Stephen J Smoogen.