Dne 26. 11. 18 v 20:01 Randy Barlow napsal(a):
On Mon, 2018-11-26 at 17:23 +0100, Igor Gnatenko wrote:
* really actually for real gated Rawhide
Is the "creating side tag for chain builds or by automated requests"
is planned here?
When I deal with rust packages, I often need to build some update
which will break other packages and I need to fix them, but if
something will prevent going that build in buildroot.
Hey Igor!

Indeed, I do plan to have Bodhi manage side tags in order to accomplish

Does that mean that Bodhi will be finally enabled for Rawhide or not? Because otherwise I can't see how Bodhi is related here.


 There's a Bodhi kanban board that covers the various items
planned to be part of this:


You can see that a few of the cards in there relate to side tags. My
current thinking is that you will be able to create a side tag update,
which will work slightly different than a normal update in a few ways:

* You create the side tag update before you make any builds, instead of
* The side tag update makes, well, a side tag in Koji for you.
* You go build all the builds you need in your side tag.
* When you are done, you tell Bodhi you are ready to go to testing, and
  it will work like a normal update from there on.

Does that sound useful to you?

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