This is an early announcement about a tool called 'rpmbuild-order' I made to sort RPM-based packages in build dependency order. I am not sure if such a tool exists already?  Certainly some tools like `mockchain` can already order builds in this way, but I don't know of such a standalone utility.


It works by reading the BRs in spec files of the packages you want to build, generating a graph of their interdependencies internally, from which it outputs the packages in a build dependency order. If you have a complete family of packages checked out, it can also output the dependencies or reverse dependency of any of the packages.

You can try it from my copr repo:

Let me know if you if it works for you or you find any problems.
I have tested it lightly a set of about 400 packages. There are probably optimization that could be made.  I feel it would be good to do mass-rebuilds for example in dependency order perhaps.

Also, I am planning to add this package to Fedora: before doing that I am open to suggestions for alternative names for the tool - I couldn't really think of a better one..

Cheers, Jens