Hi Everyone,

This is an email to bring everyone up to speed with the Fedora Messaging Notifications (FMN) Replacement initiative.

What is FMN?
FMN is a service which allows users to create filters on messages sent via the message bus in Fedora Infrastructure. Users can then forward these notifications to their respective email addresses and/or IRC profiles.

Why is it being replaced?

Design Plan

Write a fedora-messaging consumer that would triage incoming messages and add notifications to one queue per destination (email, irc, matrix). They would be on a FMN-specific vhost on the RabbitMQ server. Then write AMQP consumers for these queues to actually send the notifications. This would allow the IRC and Matrix notifiers to maintain a permanent connection to the IRC/Matrix server(s).

This work requires all applications to use Fedora Messaging Message Schemas, because the triage component will rely on schemas to extract information from the messages.

Prospective Timelines

First Month

Three Months

Six Months

Nine Months

Team Members

Aurelien Bompard - Tech Lead Frontend & Message Consumer
Nils Philippsen - Tech Lead Web API Backend
Ryan Lerch - Developer & Frontend Designer
James Richardson - Developer & Agile Practitioner

If there are any questions/concerns/advice/opinions/etc please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.




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