I see the trademark difficulty.

Perhaps "Lite Hat Linux" or something similar would work better? Either way, I feel that in order to assure such features as compatability, being up to date, and consistant quality, it is important that whatever the project be called, it be closely developed with fedora core. Though Cobind seems neat, and I will probably try it, the combination of Nautilus+XFCE makes me somewhat nervous. I have used gnome-panel with KDE, and Kicker with XFCE, but upon lauching nautilus while working on my FC-LT package selection, I ended with such a mess that it took no less than 20 minutes to sort out, and I promptly "rpm -e"'d nautilus.

Also note: I attempted to run GNOME on my dad's p3, 128MB/RAM, computer last night. Kernel had to kill all processes to free up memory. KDE was slow, but at least the kernel didn't have to get involved. I'm afraid GNOME is definately not suited for lower end computers, at least not yet.

Also, I like the idea of having other "brands" of "fedora" distros, but due to Trademarks, perhaps we should take the *** Hat Linux (Audio Hat Linux? GraphiHat Linux?) naming convention to show the connection w/o infringing upon trademarks. Just an idea.