On Monday, 4 May 2020 16.41.26 WEST Richard Shaw wrote:

> One thing that really bugs me is there's still a catch-22. When you're

> working on a new package there is no "git" to work with. I used to just

> install all the -devel packages and work with rpmbuild directly but you

> have to override the default:




> For the longest time I at least overrode it so it wouldn't mix everything

> together by putting the package name in the mix: rpmbuild/<pkg>/...


So did I, for the last 16 years I have in ~/.rpmmacros


%_topdir /home/jamatos/rpm/

%_rpmtopdir %{_topdir}/build/%{?name:%name}

%_sourcedir %{_rpmtopdir}

%_specdir %{_rpmtopdir}

%_rpmdir %{_rpmtopdir}

%_srcrpmdir %{_rpmtopdir}



José Abílio