On 3 November 2017 at 05:55, Matthew Miller <mattdm@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
It turns out that the "Rain Date" concept is confusing to some people
(particularly where that idiom is not familiar). I propose that for F28
and onward, we keep the basic concept, but ditch that term. Instead, we

* Release Date Target 1
* Release Date Target 2 (a week later).

As now, these will exist for both Beta and Final, and final will only
be pushed back if Beta Target 2 is missed.

Then (and also new), if the Beta does slip past Target 2, we add a new
"Target 3". If Beta slips to Target 3, Final slips to Target 2 (and we
don't yet add a Target 3). If beta slips to Target 4, we cross off
Final Target 2 and add Final Target 3.

The mismatch in the numbering here feels inherently confusing to me.

How about if the numbers were aligned, and then the first Beta target date was called something like "Preferred Beta Target" or "Beta Target 0"?

That would give:

    * Beta Target 0 (preferred): missing this shortens the Beta testing period, but doesn't necessarily cause the Final release to slip
    * Beta Target 1: missing this means Final Target 2 is the earliest release date that will be considered
    * Beta Target 2: missing this means defining new Beta Target 3 and Final Target 3 dates
    * Final Target 1: releasing on this date requires hitting Beta Target 0 or Beta Target 1
    * Final Target 2: fallback release target if Beta Target 1 and/or Final Target 1 are missed


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