Adam Williamson <> 于 2020年6月26日周五 上午9:32写道:
On Fri, 2020-06-26 at 08:44 +0800, Qiyu Yan wrote:
> What about to provide a prompt to the user telling them the difference
> between editors?
> For example, when a new user to fedora first invokes git commit
> without $EDITOR set, a program named fedora-default-editor comes up
> and asks: Which editor do you like?
> User can do his or hers choice and the choice will be remembered by
> setting $EDITOR in his or hers ~/.bashrc
> The fedora-default-editor can be a small script that shows user all
> the difference and set $EDITOR for the user.

It's a nice idea, but the problem with things like this is they
*always* introduce bugs, and often wind up being unmaintained, because
keeping them working is kind of a thankless task.

IMHO it's better to keep things simple and just pick a default. And the
default should definitely be nano. :D
Then I will +1 for this proposal. Yes, this certainly will make Fedora easier use for beginners. And for those who would like to use vi as default, we should make this as easy as possible.

I has been asked "how to exit this hell?" multiple times by my new-to-Linux friends, that time I would always suggest them to set nano as default. Vim is great though, it is not for beginners. 
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