On Sun, Jun 16, 2019, 10:00 AM Iñaki Ucar, <iucar@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
On Sun, 16 Jun 2019 at 05:07, Elliott Sales de Andrade
<quantum.analyst@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi R-interested packagers and others,
> Recently, I've been looking at how RPM can automatically determine
> Provides and Requires [1]. I have since implemented this for R using
> an R script [2] and some file attributes [3]. Following other
> languages' Provides, I have namespaced them as R(packageName). It then
> adds corresponding Requires, Suggests, and Enhances.
> Additionally, R package versions commonly contain dashes. In order to
> work in RPM, these are replaced with dots. For the automated
> Provides/Requires, I have used the *real* versions instead.
> So now the question is how to apply this. I expect there are social
> concerns, i.e., discussing with the R maintainer, making a
> Self-contained Change, etc. But for this email, I am mostly concerned
> with the technical aspects:
> 1. Is R-devel the right place to put the script and RPM attribute file
> (all R packages would normally depend on this)?

I believe R-SIG-Fedora is the right place.

I meant the package, not the mailing list... But I guess I should cc them as well when this is more ready.

> 2. Does this namespacing make sense?
> 3. Are dashes in *namespaced* versions going to be a problem?
> 4. Python had a flag to enable the automatic generator; do we need
> this for R, and how was it implemented?
> 5. I expect this would need a rebuild of all packages to get the
> dependencies right (because the regular rebuild is unordered); would
> this need a side tag? Or would leaving it for the normal mass rebuild
> just be fine?
> 6. R only has two levels of dependencies (hard-require or suggested,
> but not installed by default). Thus both build- and runtime-optional
> packages are in Suggests; do we care about the extra Suggests?

Sometimes these extra Suggests are not satisfiable, but they can be
removed after disabling vignette rebuilding. In other cases,
Recommends are more appropriate for suggested packages.

Yes, but there's no way to know that automatically. Suggests are weak hints, so the fact that they're not satisfiable shouldn'tbe a problem. Packagers can always add explicit Recommends if they think it's useful.