On Thu, Jul 2, 2020 at 6:49 PM John M. Harris Jr wrote:

>That's a link to the release announcement.

Hardly the first time it was announced. It refers to x86_32 sig that was formed much earlier which itself was a response to an earlier warning that x86_32 support is going away unless people stepped up to support it.  Feel free to look up the threads on that and read up on that history.  There was plenty of time and opportunity for people to step in.  Noone was interested enough AND had the time/skills to do it.

What you earlier claimed was -> I asked for a list of issues that warranted
> > ending 32 bit support while it still worked, and got nothing.

This isn't true.  You did get a response with links to bugs and your other claim that these systems worked perfectly isn't correct objectively.