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>> Apologies for the slightly alarmist $SUBJECT, but I want to make sure
>> that this gets read by the appropriate groups.
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>> 1) Are Spins useful as they currently exist? There are many problems
>> that have been noted in the Spins process, most notably that it is
>> very difficult to get a Spin approved and then has no ongoing
>> maintenance requiring it to remain functional. We've had Spins at
>> times go through entire Fedora release cycles without ever being
>> functional.
> Putting on my rel-eng hat I can say that any spin that fails to
> compose will be dropped.
> I believe we also encourage or even require the spin maintainers to
> test their spin as functional.
> (To work out if the spin succeeds to compose but fails to actually work)
> The idea is to encourage active spin process, inactive spins will auto
> retire by policy if they fail.
> Another aspect I worry about is the mirroring stuff.
> With the coming WGs I fear the rsync mirroring will grow very large,
> and spins are an attractive piece of fat to cut.

You probably didn't mean for that to sound so negative but a piece of
fat to cut is how rel-eng thinks of spins?

I recall being assured at the beginning that some interested company
was willing to provide the necessary support for us to give this a
fair try.

How long is a fair try? It would help to define that before people go on a rant about doing it for a couple of years now. 

Stephen J Smoogen.