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I would like to be the maintainer for the Enlightenment e17 for Fedora. I am sending this e-mail to seek guidance and also a sponsor. Getting e17 on Fedora i will need to build and install the following packages

eina - Core data structure library.

eet - Data encode/decode and storage library.

evas - Canvas and scenegraph rendering library.

ecore - Core mainloop, display abstraction and utility library.

embryo - Small Pawn based virtual machine and compiler.

edje - Abstract GUI layout and animation object library.

efreet - Standards handling for freedesktop.org standards.

e_dbus - Dbus wrapping and glue layer library.

eeze - Device abstraction library.

elementary - Elementary, the widget set...

emotion - Emotion, video and audio codec API...

ethumb - EThumb, thumbnail generation library...

eio  - Eio, async I/O library...

and finally

Enlightenment 17 - The Window Manager and Desktop Shell.


I also build Terminology a new terminal emulator based on the efl libraries. I currently build these on a local vm and have a repository setup on my website. I tried to use Koji however seeing that the required packages needed to build e17 are not available i cannot build using Koji, or i don't know how to do the builds. I would need to work my list down in the order i have because eet depends on eina. So eina would need to be build first then it's dev packages installed. Then ecore depends on the packages listed above it.

On my local machine i wrote a script that would build a package, install rpm and  dev rpm then move on to the next package. I am not sure how i would do this with koji.


I look forward to feedback on this.




I should have added something about myself. I am married with 2 kids gave the dog to a friend, wife likes cats. :-D I enjoy scuba diving, not much since the kids, and Christian apologetics. I have been using Fedora since it first came out and was running RedHat Linux before that. I work as a software developer and Unix/Linux administrator. As well as doing VMWare administration. I do small consultant jobs to keep me exposed to using Linux in different settings.


Well that should do it.