This does not work for server components and is not generalizable. For
example, you cannot have multiple versions of Samba running on the same
system. You cannot have multiple versions of FreeIPA running on the same
system either. These server components have requirements beyond package

We have an answer for those use cases with VMs and containers and they
aren't requiring parallel installability.

I am glad that this works for you. 

I have been using Linux for 17 years as my only operating system since I deleted the windows partitions from my desktop in
2002. I started with Mandrake, moving over Gentoo, to Archlinux and now Fedora. And I am really proud that I can serve the
Fedora community.

In return, I would love to use Fedora as my primary (and my only) operating system, because you use what you love and
what you love you want to make better. But if I cannot use it to run my graphical, musical, and typesetting software nicely from
one single machine, I will not be able to use it primarily. Does it mean, that I will have to keep at least two PCs, one for testing Fedora,
and another one for having fun? Most bugs I have noticed where coming from using Fedora daily, not from looking into test environments.

I understand, that server people need stuff, but we, the desktop people, need stuff, too. Let's try to make everyone happy. I know, we
can do it, if we want to.
But yeah, I fear the day, when I will have to put several containers together to stitch myself a modern solution that any Linux distro provided 20 years ago.

I hope those days won't come.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Security / Identity Management Engineering
Red Hat Limited, Finland
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