On 16.6.2020 21:44, Solomon Peachy wrote:
"retired" tells you nothing more than "no longer packaged".

"packaged" does not mean "maintained by fedora".  It certianly doesn't 
mean "kept up to date with upstream releases" or "kept updated with 
security fixes"

And "broken" in this context means nothing more than "failed to 
package/build", because "packaged" doesn't mean "it actually 

The solution to this problem should be quite evident and that is to archive the "retired" components as flatpaks ( if the component is a desktop app ) or a as container ( if it's a server application or application stack ) using OCI Images and the OCI distribution mechanism as a deployment technology( for organization ) that is if the application or application stack is of any real, practical or nostalgic value to end users or organization which would be worth keeping.

That approach should solve both the package management issues and "if it ain’t broken, don’t touch it" or simply keeping it available because it's useful to some end user(s) dilemma along with bunch of other problems that affect Fedora but people seem to be expecting different results using the same old thinking, which lead to the same old approaches, to solve the same old problems.