Hello Everyone,

Regarding boot success determination:
For the current Fedora GSoC project that I am participating in, I wrote greenboot, a generic health check framework for systemd: https://github.com/LorbusChris/greenboot
In greenboot, health checks can be defined in the form of scripts and/or systemd units. This could be useful in this case for determining boot success, allowing for more sophisticated checks than just a timer.

Maybe it's a little late to get this into F29, as the project is not in the Fedora repos, yet (it is being build on copr: lorbus/greenboot) and there are still some improvements to be made, but it'll certainly be ready by the time F30 is coming.


Thank you Javier to pointing me to this.


Christian Glombek
FAS Lorbus

Am Sa., 30. Juni 2018 um 17:12 Uhr schrieb Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot@laposte.net>:
Le samedi 30 juin 2018 à 14:32 +0200, Hans de Goede a écrit :


> > 4. you check every single bit needed to use them works before
> > declaring a boot successful
> A boot is declared successful if a user logs in (or the
> user session starts if autologin is enabled) and the
> usersession lasts at least 2 minutes. So even if login
> works, but then for some reason the session crashes immediately
> afterwards, that still will NOT count as a boot success.

It'd be nice if there was a way to check grub2-editenv works (some dummy
action that is tested on boot). I've lost the number of times I had to
re-run anaconda on a system just to reinstall the boot stack, because it
tends to bork itself on hardware or selinux changes and there is no
clear way to reinit it.


Nicolas Mailhot
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