On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 10:05 AM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:

Well, the problem there, what do you mean by 'support'?

In this case lots of people use dnf for updates, so IMHO it would be
"we will try and keep this working, and fix anything we can, but do
understand that there's a low level problem here that something could
mess up updates in progress, if you want to be more sure of not hitting
problems, use the offline updates in your graphical desktop"

OK, I'm completely confused.  
First of all, I've never seen a message such as:

> Error: dnf upgrade is dangerous.  Use PackageKit instead and reboot
> when asked.

and I have NEVER used the graphical update since the first release of Fedora.  I've always used yum or dnf.  As I mentioned earlier in the past I've found the graphical tools to be quirky at best - perhaps that has changed, but since the command line has always worked for me, I've stuck with it.  Apparently I've missed something along the way because now people are implying that using the command line tools from within GNOME or KDE are dangerous.  What exactly is going on?  

As far as rebooting after every update?  Huh?  Who does that?  Are we Windows?  We're suppose to be moving toward the time when you won't need to reboot for kernel updates.  Perhaps this is only a GNOME problem... but when I used GNOME years ago, I never experienced it.  I also have never seen it with KDE or LxQT.