For me I go with your first suggestion:
Keep it simple for the OS, just fedora, as it already is; and for the overall effort, Fedora Project. It works already. 

Em qua, 10 de mar de 2021 09:27, Björn Persson <Bjorn@rombobjö> escreveu:
Vitaly Zaitsev via devel wrote:
> 2. Why Linux and not GNU/Linux? Linux is just a kernel. GNU/Linux is an OS.

It was very predictable that this argument would happen, and that's why
I've been quite happy that Fedora is just "Fedora" with no "Linux" in
the name.

If we're going to name the distribution after some of its components,
why stop at one or two? Arguably the most central part of any software
distribution is its package manager. The programs that bring up the
whole system are also rather important. And none of the GUI programs
would exist without the windowing system so we need to mention X. Or
should that honor go to Wayland now? Better give them equal treatment.

"Fedora GNU/Linux/RPM/Python/DNF/SystemD/Xorg/Wayland/..."

It's better to give the whole distribution its own name, and not name
it after any of its components. Fedora is a software distribution. It
contains Linux, many GNU components, RPM, MariaDB, Libreoffice and lots
of other things, but its name is "Fedora". Or call it "Fedora Software
Distribution" or anything else that doesn't single out any of the
components. That approach seems to minimize the political fighting.

Björn Persson
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