This is the Minimization Objective [0] update.

Status: Discovery phase

== Next phase approval ==

Next phase proposal [1] is being voted on by the Council — only positive votes so far!

== Feedback Pipeline ==

A few new features developed!

1/ A history chart for base images [2] is now being generated — includes data since 25 September. It's a bit rough initial implementation, but it's there!
2/ All tables are now data tables that support sorting and filtering. See an example [3].
3/ Just a little touch: a better use case (and base image) list view [4] to help navigate with the growing number of use cases.

== Kickstarts and comps groups ==

We're starting to look at kickstarts and comps groups to see if anything minimization-related could be done here. We realize changes could break things, we're just looking for options at the moment, potentially experimenting on the side. Actual changes would be of course coordinated.

== How to get involved ==

See if there is anything interesting to you on action plan [42], or reach
out with something you think is useful but is missing there. Open a ticket
in the tracker [43] or discuss in #fedora-devel on IRC.


[0] Objective:
[1] Next phase proposal:
[2] History graph:
[3] Sorting and filtering:
[4] Use case list view:
[42] Action plan:
[43] Issue tracker:


Adam Šamalík
Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat