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On 06/03/13 04:39 AM, Dan Mashal wrote:

Took libindicator too. Is this deprecated upstream?

No, there are commits right up to late Feb in launchpad. But then I don't immediately see that you'd want it for MATE purposes (or really any other Fedora purposes); it's a Unity thing. I packaged and used to own it for my aborted plan to try and package Unity, and it's orphaned because I don't want it any more. I don't think it has any dependencies in Fedora, and I think it's pretty useless if you're not running Unity.
Then why not just retire it properly? I mean of course someone could step up to package unity in fedora but then, how likely and realistic is that?
As a side note I was also wondering why so many "important" packages like hicolor-icon-theme were orphaned and I can't recall any announcement on -devel or -announce about that.

bamf is in a similar position, but at least _something_ - gnome-pie, whatever that is - requires it. So it might actually be more useful for someone to pick that up.
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