currently default error policy for printers in Fedora is "Stop printer" on any error which is a really bad default. I have run across this issue LOTS of times with regular Fedora desktop users who don't get why has their printer stopped working, there is no UI queue to warn users, there is no easy way to "Start printer" with one click after it has been stopped. It is just a big mess.

Even worse, previous versions of Gnome control panel (if I remember correctly) had option to change default error policy, now that option is removed and you can get to it only by installing system-config-printers tool, something regular users have no idea about even exists, and it is not installed by default.

There are too many examples which are simple user errors but result in priner going offline (stopped) and this is really bad, because after any small error users can't print any more.

For example: user trying to print while he/she is not at home so his/hers printer is not available, user trying to print but has forgot to connect usb priner cable, user trying to print but haven't turned it on, user printing to wifi printer but while connected to different wifi network...

Any of these actions is simple uses error but results in permanently disabling of priner (Stops printer) and users can't print even when they resolve issue that was stopping them from accessing the printer.

Now Fedora is what is stopping them from printing.

Who is responsible for user experience of Fedora desktop? To whom should I point this issue to?