On 30.6.2020 17:49, John M. Harris Jr wrote:
On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 6:34:27 AM MST J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson wrote:
Given Hans proposal [1] introduced systemd/grub2/Gnome upstream changes 
it beg the question if now would not be the time to stop supporting 
booting in legacy bios mode and move to uefi only supported boot which 
has been available on any common intel based x86 platform since atleast 
This is simply false. I'm currently writing this email on a ThinkPad X200 
Tablet, which does not support UEFI. I can get dropping x86 support, but 
dropping BIOS boot support?

Such proposal would never be about stop supporting older hardware that's just a misconception people are getting

And it's quite evident by the response here that hw that is atleast 2010 and older is still quite happily being used and that hw does not support UEFI and no one is talking about taking that away anytime soon.

The first step ( The actual change proposal ) would simply be about replace grub2 with sd-boot for UEFI strictly on the x86 architecture which has UEFI available and enabled ( is not using legacy bios ) and see what issue are encountered, solve those then consider moving to different architectures and further integration if relevant etc. ( baby steps ) Next I would suggest looking at UEFI supported ARM systems ( but I personally would have to obtain such hardware before doing so ).