On Fri, 6 Mar 2020 at 11:42, Marcin Juszkiewicz <mjuszkiewicz@redhat.com> wrote:
W dniu 06.03.2020 o 02:57, Neal Gompa pisze:
> The database has been synchronized since Fedora 24. However, the
> caches are not, and that *does* need to be fixed.

And when user calls dnf let it use system cache by default...

I have never understood a need for per-user copy of repo metadata.

I am remembering that attempts to do this with either yum or dnf did not go over well with the community as a whole. To make it work, the cache has to be either constantly polling or be able to be triggered by the user to keep up to date. Having it running all the time got complaints about memory and cpu usage. Letting the user trigger this allowed for various bad actor/troll ways of polluting the cache with bad data that affected everyone. Having a daemon which runs to keep things up to date was considered wasteful for resources (why is dnfd sitting in the background at 2GB of ram??). 

Next there is always the person who wants to cache stuff outside of what is system on. If you are on a F31 box and need to develop against F33 and F32, then the system has to cache all of those. If you have it just caching for the user defined ones.. you might as well have it cache for F31 also at the user level as the speed for doing that is not much different. 

Finally there are the people who expect it to work that way for whatever tool they have and not doing it that way breaks their carefully worked out workflows. 

Stephen J Smoogen.