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(Forgive me if this list is not the right one to be asking)


After successful install Fedora Core 2, and love it, I then try to install Lao TTF OT fonts. Two years ago, I have got Lao KDE working on Mandrake and Redthat 7.0, which involved the following steps. However, some of the things I do might have been changed or may have not needed anymore, especially with new Xfree86. Please help me out and thanks in advance.


What I have done:


Font installation (Lao ttf OT)


copy *ttf to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF


run 'ttmkfdir > fonts.scale'

run 'mkfontdir'

run 'xset ft rehash'

I wasn’t able to run 'xftcache'


run 'setxkbmap -v lo –option grp:alt_toggle_shift '



After finished these steps, I then checked to see if the keyboard layout for Lao is selected, it was. I also checked to see if my ttf fonts I installed were being selected or not, there weren’t any.


1) Any other file(s) or anything I need to tweak?

2) Where are default fonts?




Anousak Souphavanh


Malcolm Gladwell's  "Tipping Point: How

small things can make a big difference"