On 11/28/18 1:32 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
I agree with the folks in this subthread, but I think we are going to
have to look at 'redesigning' things more than just 'optimizing'.

+1. At the same time, we should also ensure that Devel,QE,Infra,RelEng.. all equal stake holders and are hand in glove with the new design and not fall into their own silo.

ie, collect all our inputs and outputs and things we need to do in the
process and figure out how to make it modular (no relation) so we can
look at just a single changed input and quickly test and generate all
the outputs that are affected by that input (and not any of the others).

For example, a new xfce4-settings package comes out, we want to test it,
test the Xfce live media and if it all passes, perhaps release that media.

It may well be that we can figure out a 'base platform' just by looking
at these imput/outputs: what things are in most or all outputs?


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