On 5/14/20 6:42 AM, Solomon Peachy wrote:
On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 06:33:47AM -0500, Ty Young wrote:
Whichever you choose. Large projects like Gnome and Fedora refer to
themselves as one large organization one minute and then as individuals the
next. It reminds me of how everyone says "Linux" is less resource hungry
then Windows but "Linux" is just a kernel, as those same people will often
say in "Linux"'s defense.
Please don't change the subject.

The fact of the matter is that nearly nobody is actually paid to work 
on, or otherwise improve, Fedora.  As opposed to, say, Windows (either 
the OS itself or the greater "ecosystem" around it)

I didn't say otherwise. No one is entitled to free work. If you stand on a mountain and shout how much better you are, as the Linux community often does, then well... don't cry when people show up with pitch forks when they realize they've been "sold" snake oil.

What i'm saying is: Distros like Fedora actively hurt the very people who are directly or indirectly helping them. There are single-person run projects, like mine, out there that can't possibly do all the work needed to have a dozen packages for each distro. It's just not possible or, in the case of Java based projects, not even needed to begin with.

That is to say nothing of those distros doing things like Fedora now does like running X as user which break otherwise perfectly running applications. I can't check in every 6 months to make sure y'all didn't break something. I don't have the time nor the download cap(1TB a month, GO USA!) for it.

If you want to get volunteers to do something, deriding and insulting 
them is highly counterproductive.  Heck, that applies even if they 
aren't volunteers.  If you act like an ass, don't complain if you're 
treated like one in response.

You're response, honestly, is just an echo of the general mentality many distro developers have that I've seen. It's not even unique or different.

I'll follow up on the mostly-unrelated remainder of your reply after I'm 
back from the doctor.

It was all in response to the insulation that packaging software for each distro is the answer to everything you seemed to have been putting forth.

 - Solomon

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