On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 8:55 PM, Tom Callaway <tcallawa@redhat.com> wrote:
Some emulators (applications which emulate another platform) are not
permitted for inclusion in Fedora. These rules will help you determine
whether an emulator is acceptable for Fedora.

* Emulators which depend on firmware or ROM files to function may not be
included in Fedora, unless the copyright holder(s) for the firmware/ROM
files give clear permission for the firmware/ROM files to be distributed
(either under a Fedora permissible license or under the Fedora firmware
exception criteria). Note: This only covers the situation where an
emulator will not run at all without firmware/ROM files. For example,
emulators that compile and run, but ship with no game ROMs are not
covered by this rule.

Does this mean that most console emulators (i.e. NES/SNES/MasterSystem/Genesis emulators) are now acceptable in Fedora?