El lun., 6 jul. 2020 a las 18:15, Samuel Sieb (<samuel@sieb.net>) escribió:
On 7/6/20 1:48 PM, Sergio Belkin wrote:
> At
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/SwapOnZRAM#Why_systemd_zram-generator.3F
> it says:
> "Do not create swap partition/LV with default installations."
> I don't understand if it is a description or a prescription :)I mean,
> can coexist swap partition/LV and zram?

Yes, zram is just a compressed block device in RAM and it's being used
here as swap.  You can have multiple swap devices active at the same
time.  That's what I'm currently using.  I have a zram swap device and a
disk swap partition as overflow.  But the plan is to avoid having any
swap on disk by default.
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Thanks, event for the late answer :)
 For the record, I'm using zram as a swap device and I disabled the swap on disk. I have 16 GB of RAM and am using earlyoom on F32. There was only one several issue using a lot of apps and VirtualBox VM's.

Sergio Belkin
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