ppc64-test.fedorainfracloud.org     f25     x86_64 cloud instance

Is it emulated? Or is the "arch" column copy/paste error?


Dne 28.2.2017 v 02:33 Kevin Fenzi napsal(a):

I've just finished setting up a new group of test machine instances for
package maintainers in the Fedora Infrastructure Private Cloud.
They now include ppc64 and ppc64le instances. 
(We hope to add aarch64 before too long). 

These instances should be faster and closer to repositories than
previous test instances, and require no special ssh config to use. 

Please see: 
for more details and access information on all the available instances. 

These instances can help maintainers duplicate problems or gather
information from Fedora versions they may not have handy. 

Hope they help, 


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