Thanks for the advice, I will be getting to this as soon as my exams are over.


On 11/28/05, Michael A. Peters <> wrote:
On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 02:32 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Are there any recent HOWTOs around on RPM building? I would really
> like to contribute to Fedora, at least by maintaing packages to
> software that I use regularly on my own FC4 install. However the
> HOWTOs I've found seem busy and complicated. I consider myself to be
> fairly Linux competent, and so I believe that I have the capabilties
> to help.
> Please advise, thank you.

As mentioned - the Fedora Packaging Guidelines are an excellent

You can also read the Fedora Extras list - and look at the spec files
submitted in the Bugzilla (they are on the extras list) and see the
comments packagers make about them.

The "Red Hat RPM Guide" by Eric Foster-Johnson is an excellent book - a
free version of which I believe is what Aurelien Bompard linked to.

It's a good book.

Best thing to do imho - install fedora-rpmdevtools , take the
spectemplate-minimal.spec and use it as a template to package something
and submit it to extras (referencing the packaging guidelines in the
Extras wiki).

You will also want to install mock - so that you can make sure your
package builds cleanly before submitting.

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