This is the Minimization Objective [0] update.

Status: Discovery phase

== Toolbox ==

The 'showme' tool got renamed to 'rpm-showme' to make it more discoverable. It has been also moved to a new repository of the same name [1].

New features:

* report — generates an html report [2] [3] comparing multiple installations
* list — simply lists all packages of a given installation
* size — prints the total size of all packages in a given installation

See the README in the repository [1] for more details.

== Feedback Pipeline ==

Prototyping Feedback Pipeline — active monitoring and reporting of dependency changes, more info coming in a blog post.

Collaborating with the IoT Objective on some initial testing of the Feedback Pipeline.

== Use case analysis ==

Looking at 'httpd', 'nginx', and 'dnf' to see what could be potentially minimized.

== New Status page ==

A new status page [4] has been created showing, well, the current status, and also listing all the reports (like this one).

== How to get involved ==

See if there is anything interesting to you on the action plan [42], or reach
out with something you think is useful but is missing there. Open a ticket
in the tracker [43] or discuss in #fedora-devel on IRC.


[0] Objective:
[1] rpm-showme:
[2] Example report 1:
[3] Example report 2:
[4] Status page:
[42] Action plan:
[43] Issue tracker:


Adam Šamalík
Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat