El jue., 25 jun. 2020 a las 21:45, Qiyu Yan (<yanqiyu@fedoraproject.org>) escribió:
What about to provide a prompt to the user telling them the difference
between editors?
For example, when a new user to fedora first invokes git commit
without $EDITOR set, a program named fedora-default-editor comes up
and asks: Which editor do you like?
User can do his or hers choice and the choice will be remembered by
setting $EDITOR in his or hers ~/.bashrc

The fedora-default-editor can be a small script that shows user all
the difference and set $EDITOR for the user.
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Well, I strongy disagree whit this move.
In fact on of the things that I hate of Debian/Ubuntu is the choice of nano and the poor version that they offer by default of vi.
More friendly for end-users? Really?
Please thinking so, the end-user use GUI's. Nano has no any significative advantage over vi and even lesser over vim. What's the wrong with vim? Really I don't understand.
If one end-user wants to use a text editor, he will find kate, gedit and the like better options. If you don't like a modal editor, propose a better option not a mediocre one. For example, micro is a non-modal editor but more powerful that nano.
If has no real benefit, please could you reconsider it and let the community give his voice?
Thanks in advance.
Sergio Belkin
LPIC-2 Certified - http://www.lpi.org