On Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 20:03 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@redhat.com wrote:
I've just spotted these when working on Python 3.8.0a1. This happens on 3.7 as
well since GCC 9:

python3-debug.x86_64: E: library-not-linked-against-libc
python3-debug.x86_64: E: library-not-linked-against-libc
python3-libs.x86_64: E: library-not-linked-against-libc
python3-test.x86_64: E: library-not-linked-against-libc

(Note that there are plenty of other extension modules that do not raise this

This doesn't happen with latest python3 built prior to the gcc update to 9.

I've seen this warning for one of my packages too, and thought it possible to be related to the new --as-needed linker flag in rawhide.


$ rpmlint -I library-not-linked-against-libc

That isn't helpful either.

I found a similar Debian thing [1] that says:

 > It is theoretically possible to have a library which doesn't use any symbols
 > from libc...

Do I care? Should I fix something? I honestly have no idea.

[1] https://lintian.debian.org/tags/library-not-linked-against-libc.html
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