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> That may be, but all the articles I read suggested "be afraid, be very
> afraid".
> In addition, https://goo.gl/V2IyFq
> basically just comes out and says, not to use it.

That's stale and overstated but I'm fine with dire warnings because
otherwise people use experimental stuff and flip out when it face
plants. What's needed are people who can tediously gather an autopsy
report so it can be made better. And that's pretty much what's

Well that link is from their wiki.  Then of course there is this thread which
kind of steps through it all:  https://goo.gl/rIyJ0R
One of my favorite quotes:  

"Wow. So it sees the data strip corruption, uses good parity on disk to
fix it, writes the fix to disk, recomputes parity for some reason but
does it wrongly, and then overwrites good parity with bad parity?
That's fucked."
About the Fedora default, this recently came up on desktop@ so I'll
just refer to that:

Yeah, and there was also this thread:  https://goo.gl/wWHLVA
Like I said, I believe that ship has pretty much sailed...