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Hello Radka,

First, would you please not top-post? It makes it tricky to identify what you're responding to.​
@pvalena please don't remove (or move) anything til we get some answers.

> It was already a bit of a stretch with Visual Studio
> Code, given that literally no one is working on bringing that into
> Fedora

I am not a 'no one' =(
My team will be, step by step: .NET Core first.

​I am sorry, I saw nothing that indicated anyone was planning on making any of the Electron-based editor/IDE tools available in the official Fedora repositories. If you do, in fact, plan to bring Visual Studio Code into Fedora, then that's fantastic.​ But I know of no reason why VSCode depends deeply on .NET Core getting in first. If anything, shouldn't these efforts occur in parallel?

@bex (had countless of conversations about C# on Fedora) & @jflory7 (is using C# on Fedora, knows the problems.) what are your opinions on this? Do we need to make it a council ticket or bring it to council list or something along the lines?
TLDR: JetBrains Rider is not FLOSS and should be pushed below VS Code, Mono, and Eclipse on the developer portal (fedoraloves.net) despite Rider being the only actually capable C# IDE on Linux at this time.

As I see it, we should be unbiased and provide actual information for Developers interested in using Fedora. By doing this, the information will no longer be unbiased. I refuse to provide false, incomplete, or otherwise wrong information. Fedora is Operating System that is targeting developers who need the best IDE available for their work. As of today, Rider is the only IDE capable of working with netcore *and* mono that actually works without any other issues. Eclipse requires either non-floss netcore packages from Microsoft, or hacked up ours to work - and even then it's a *maybe* with uncertain results (it works only with projects created in Eclipse and won't open anything created in any other ide or cli, even with our hacked up packages.) And VS Code is actually in the same boat, as they both use OmniSharp under the hood. MonoDevelop is MonoDevelop, although a good IDE, the title says it all. It's mono-only. So to sum it up, Rider is the only reliable way to work with C# in any Linux, not only Fedora. As a bonus for C# developers who are likely to have either Mac or Windows as well, it's multiplatform and works exactly the same way on all the platforms (even the whole configuration can be shared via nextcloud/dropbox/whatever.) And at least they give free licenses for Open Source projects.

​I will point out one very important statement that somehow seems to get forgotten:

"Fedora Developer Portal is a place for open-source developers, providing information about tools, technology and other features that are packaged in Fedora."

This statement didn't come from nowhere. In fact, this is from the home page of the Developer Portal project page.​

​I've been watching the site gradually lose focus on this for a while now, and I've been generally displeased about it. However, beyond mentioning it a few times on IRC, I've not made too much fuss about it, as we've generally been pointing to free and open source solutions so far. However, this is the first time I've noticed that we've strayed so far that we recommended a non-free solution to potential developers using Fedora.​

​I've become increasingly disappointed with the way things have been evolving in Fedora as a whole, but I hoped we wouldn't lose sight of the fact that our distribution exists to promote free and open source software as well as free culture, and the tools to enable the further development of those things.

If JetBrains Rider is the only decent tool right now, then the focus should be improving the Free tools so they can compete. What the heck has happened? I remember the days when Red Hatters stepped up to fill these voids when they showed up. We were in a similar situation with Java years ago, and Red Hatters and other members of the community stepped up and fixed it with the IcedTea project. What makes C# so different that no one has stepped up to bat to make a first-class FOSS solution for C# developers?

Radka, it's clear you're very passionate about .NET development. But I don't know anything about any efforts to make the C# world better integrated with the FOSS world, similar to what happened to make Java better years ago. If there is something going on, it's really well-hidden. 😟

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