On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 7:51 AM, Radka Janekova <radka.janek@redhat.com> wrote:
> > @pvalena
> > > I can push the fix (or revert) on Tue afternoon, if you manage to have it till then. I'm afraid I'll be unavailable afterwards for 1.5w.
> > Stuff should not be removed based on opinions of one person who has nothing to do with the technology in question, nor has any deciding weight in the project (i.e. is not council/committee.) They can merely bring it up for discussion.
> ​So my opinion is worthless? Wow. I don't have words for how awful that is. Despite the apparent worthlessness of my words, I'm still going to take the time to reply cordially, because I hope you will learn to see my point of view on this.​

I said that changes to major operating system or official websites related to it, should not be made based on an opinion of an individual, that the appropriate body should be the decision maker, not the individual. I said that the individual (in this case you) should merely take it up for discussion as you did. Nothing wrong there, in fact, my reply was not directed at you, nor was it discussing your actions, which were correct, until this reply of yours. Your reply was not "cordial." Please do not put words in my mouth as I have neither suggested nor implied that your opinions are "worthless."

​Okay, fine.​

> Eclipse/VSCode/OmniSharp

​Sur​e. I sympathize with your issues. It's long, painful road. I'm glad you're doing that work.

> For example, I still don't know what's the holdup for bringing .NET Core into Fedora proper.

Did you ask? The answer is simple: Pre-built tools/binaries are used to build the source. Microsoft does not understand that we need *everything* to be built from source. It's not easy to teach them how-to-opensource. E.g. https://github.com/dotnet/source-build/issues/187

​I've recently met one of the Microsoft guys working on .NET, and he does understand these things, it's just a matter of getting everyone else to understand. Microsoft isn't a monolith, as much as many people pretend that it is.

And I've been there with a language bootstrap, so I sympathize. After all, I have been helping Igor Gnatenko with Rust for almost a year now. We just finally managed to make it to the home stretch and start integrating Rust packages into Fedora proper.​

> But one of the reasons I am part of Fedora is to advance FOSS and free culture.

And one of the reasons I desperately feel like running as far away from Fedora as possible is the "FLOSS-Extremism" and the hate of anything anyhow related to closed source, Microsoft, etc... http://rhea-ayase.eu/articles/2017-05/FLOSS-Community

​I despise closed source software for personal reasons. I don't particularly hate Microsoft, though I greatly dislike Windows as a platform. But I work for a company that makes closed source software, and I champion open source where I can, and try to be friendly to bring new people to our communities.

But being principled (which is what I consider myself as) is not the same as being extremist. I am not threatening hate and violence unto you for working on this stuff.

Personally, I don't think you're using that term right, and you're not going to make friends by calling people that.​

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