Hello all!!

One of the main things that I want to explore on this first panel will be to identify those weakness points that our community has to include people from minorities. Since we did a great job calling people to join this panel and we have a fantastic diverse panel (YAY!) we should take advantage on that and expand it.

In this first panel (I hope with years we can continue having this activity) I would like to brainstorm with the attendees how we can adapt our process to be more inclusive. Can we have an introduction video for Fedora that includes a lot of people? should we work on a more explicit draft for new contributors? Would be good to have a diversity welcoming people in each team to make a more focused impact? etc etc.

This are some of my thoughts, however, I'm sure we will expand this ideas within the next few days!

Time to write folks!

2016-07-22 9:37 GMT-04:00 Amita Sharma <amsharma@redhat.com>:
Hi All,

Diversity team has purposed [1] for flock And
As our leader Maria Leandro [2] will not be available in-person in flock, we would like to discuss the agenda and ideas to make Diversity Panel successful.

Also, please note that We will have a set of panelist that will include people from different communities like Asperger, Autism, LGBT members, people from different languages and remote locations, and more. So, if you want to be part of the panel, you are most welcome, please let us know ASAP, so that we can co-ordinate better.

Thanks & Regards,

1. https://flock2016.sched.org/event/6yp5/diversity-panel-building-an-inclusive-community
2. https://flock2016.sched.org/speaker/tatica
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