I am back in action now after wonderful holidays, I will be able to chair the meeting this week if there are enough members to join :)



On 11/01/2016 10:26 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
On 11/01/2016 12:52 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
On 11/01/2016 12:35 PM, Jona Azizaj wrote:
Sorry guys but I'll be traveling too. :/

I also know tatica is unavailable (on her honeymoon trip), but she
should be returning over this coming weekend. Since we haven't met in a
couple weeks, I think it's important to resume, but perhaps we could try
to have some mailing list discussion about some of the topics we've had
on our agenda.

In the next week, our FAD proposal vote will be finalized and we would
be able to move forward with finalizing plans and creating reservations.
We also have some of the tooling discussions from before, and we could
work on implementing them to close out some pending tickets.

Also, I should add that I will also be unavailable next week, so if anyone would be able to also lead next week, that would be helpful too. I won't be available to contribute or participate much until after November 13th (I have marked and added this into the Fedocal vacations calendar).

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