Attached is a libreoffice file that has edits against sections of the Fedora release notes.  Only the sections touched are in the documents.

I have used the Libreoffice document markup feature, which works as follows:
Deletions appear as strikeouts. Insertions and deletions are indicated in a different color. A side bar on the left indicates the lines that were revised.

The Libreoffice document markup management also allows the revisor (me) to add comments. The comments may ask for more information, or to review some text that I added.

If you have not used a text markup change management feature, there are commands to allow you to reject or accept the changes, or to include additional ones.

So, here is the Fedora19 Revision Notes Pass 2.

I hope the system accepts attachments. Alternately, from my dropbox directory here is a second way to fetch the markups.

There is a bugzilla number for Fedora Revision.  Do we want to use it by appending all the changes?


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