Would it be possible to create a video of or for this lesson so it can be shared later?

I, too, am finding the editing process difficult to get into.

On 08/22/2018 04:48 AM, Adam Samalik wrote:
Hi Leslie,

I really value your work and I'd really like to help you to integrate it. But rather than doing the integration work myself (for which, to be fair, I don't have many spare cycles), I'd like to teach you how to do it yourself. The benefits would be:

* The integration of your work wouldn't generate additional work for other people, other than the actual review + feedback
* You would be able to get feedback in the PR itself — there is a space for discussion, as well as posting inline comments
* Many different people could help with commenting, reviewing, and even merging the changes
* You would get credit as those changes would be clearly marked as yours

I'd rather spent an hour teaching you how to do future changes yourself, rather than doing it myself for 8.77 minutes. Especially with the amount of work you do, I wouldn't be able to keep up long-term. Also, there are many other people out there that could help to review the changes.

I know, git might be a new tool for many writers, and learning it might require some effort, but using it has many benefits for large communities such as Fedora, where we need to scale our work between many people living in different parts of the world and different timezones. If we want to work in a large community, or want to build a large community, we need to have workflows that scale. And git is one of the least horrible options there.

So, I'm happy to have a video call with you, even for an hour, going through the integration of your changes, so you feel comfortable doing them yourself next time. Would that work for you?

Please let me know.


On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 5:43 PM Leslie S Satenstein <lsatenstein@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Adam,

Your response will go a long way to understanding what I mean and do by "editing"

Can you help me out with integrating editing to the *.adocs?

What I have attached is one fairly short libreoffice writer document  (1.5 pages)  and the corresponding updated Desktop.adoc.

Before I can generate a pull request, I made a correction and asked some questions inside the libreoffice writer file.  Those questions, if properly responded to, are to be the modifications to be made to the corresponding *.adoc file. A third x.sh file  just invokes vim against the location to where the  target adoc file resides.

I am and attaching a zip file with the updated Desktop.adoc and the corresponding libreoffice  "Desktop.adoc.odt".  The way I see things working, the libreoffice document is the working document. When it is clean, the contents therein are what is transfered to the corresponding *.adoc file and a PR sent.

2) Can you please note. Not all document writers are git users.  They are writers, and can follow instructions. Please add a definition of a Pull Request.

Pull Request:  A formal request document, transmitted to the owner of the git repository. The PR contains revisions or insertions that you are requesting for that git repository.


Leslie Satenstein
Montréal Québec, Canada


Adam Šamalík
Software Engineer
Red Hat

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