On 3/20/19 12:26 AM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
Hi all, is anyone opposed to setting up a new Pagure group with commit
access to the quick-docs repository?

I figure this is a less restrictive option to enable someone to be a
more advanced contributor without giving them the keys to all of
Fedora's documentation. This might better align with someone's interests
too, in case they only want to volunteer with quick-docs.

I also thought this could be useful to begin building up a community
around quick-docs to bring in more people to act as reviewers / maintainers.

I'm happy to take initiative on this, but I wanted to get feedback
before doing so. I talked about this with Ankur when I suggested to get
him commit access to quick-docs.

Anyone mind if I set this up? Let me know.

+1 from me, whatever makes it easier for people to get into quick-docs is good with me.

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