NEVER mind.. I see what I did...  Sorry for the noise...

On 1/28/06, Steven Pierce < > wrote:
OK.. I have done the part that generates the key.  I was following the part of sending
the key to the key server.  Using this command (web site instruction)
gpg --keyserver --send-keys GPGKEYID

The error that I got was:  gpg: "GPGKEYID" not a key ID: skipping.

What did I do wrong??


On 1/28/06, Tommy Reynolds <> wrote:
Uttered Steven Pierce <>, spake thus:

> Question, since I have never done a GPG code before what kind of pharse
> should I use??  Can it be something like "my wifes name is Erin?" Or does it
> need to be something more, like:
> "I live in Orange County calif and I am expecting my first child in Sept"
> Thank you for any that can be provided.

Either.  "baloney baffles brains" makes a good one, too.  Or a couple
of words with unexpected punctuation "star!lite".  Or an intentional
mispelling like "red haytte".

With a random key with at least 36^N-1 choices for an N-character
passphrase, almost anything more than a simple dictionary word is
peachy keen.


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