Hi all,

I'm interested in working on one of the Fedora bounties, specifically the 'publishing man pages' project [1]. For those that might not know, the project is to have an automated way to grab all the man and info pages from a release and put them on the web to be searched and browsed online. Extending that, putting the documentation into a wiki system is also possible (and open some interesting opportunities, in my eyes).

I was wondering what some of the groups thoughts and goals of this project might be. Both so that ideas can be brought out early, but also to know what I might be getting myself into :)

So I pose the questions:
*Would you like to see man/info pages be online? (broken down by release version, etc, or not)
*Would you want them in a wiki?
*What about pushing changes on the wiki back to the maintainers of the respective packages?
*Would this be a welcome addition or just more work?
*What would you like to see this project accomplish in terms of Fedora Documentation? (hopefully beyond just googling for a man page and having it return a fedoraproject.org URL)


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraBounties#head-f4affa8058dbc6a6b0568c30659cba5ccf14100d

Michael Burns * Open Source Lab
    Oregon State University