As many of you have probably noticed, together with bex and few other people I work on moving the Fedora Docs to Antora. It has many technical benefits as well as an active community. Talking about community, I want to make sure that when the time comes and we're ready to push this thing to production, our contributors are on board.

So I've just created a new epic: People! [1]

"The main reason we go through all this trouble is people. We want to make it simple for people to contribute to the docs. And might not be a bad idea to make sure our contributors are on board when we go crazy and push this thing to production."

I'm looking for any useful input about making sure our contributors are on board. I want this to be as smooth as possible.

My thinking is:

* Announce it here on this very list.
* Contact in advance every group having their docs on the site and:
** making sure we have converted their asciibinder source into the Antora source right
** making sure they know how to make changes
* Do this over a few days, switching the Antora branches in all repositories the site is built from to be the main branches. During these few days, the current asciibinder site wouldn't update. All updates from this period would end up on the new site. Basically, doing a few-days-log freeze.

How does that sound? Anything I've missed?




Adam Šamalík
Software Engineer
Red Hat