I don't think this went to the list.  It is my opinion that the git and svn repositories for our guides be included in the new requirements so that we make sure that contributions are properly licensed.



Toshio Kuratomi <a.badger@gmail.com> wrote:

>Greetings all,
>As you may have been made aware, the Fedora Project has recently
>From the Fedora Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) to the
>Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA). We have reached the
>for current contributors to have signed the new FPCA and are working to
>remove users who have signed the ICLA but not the FPCA from Fedora
>where they must have signed the FPCA.
>In looking through the list of groups that are affected, we noticed
>many of the affected groups are fedorahosted groups. Fedorahosted
>groups do
>not have a requirement to sign the FPCA from our side; the individual
>projects may make their contributors sign our contributor agreement,
>own contributor agreement, or no contributor agreement at all. In most
>cases, we believe that these hosted groups were created with a default
>signing our contributor agreement and then never changed.
>In order to minimize the disruption that Fedora switching from the ICLA
>the FPCA will cause, we have removed the need for members of these
>groups to
>have signed the FPCA(list of groups attached). This will allow those
>members to remain in the hosted groups unless futher action is taken.
>If you do want to require all of your contributors to have a
>agreement[1]_ with the Fedora Project, then you may follow these
>for re-adding that as a requirement.
>== Requiring that a Fedora contributor agreement has been signed ==
>1) Make sure that you, at least, have signed the FPCA (or another valid
> contributor agreement) so there is at least one administrator in the
> group who has signed the FPCA.
>2) Go to https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/
>3) Click the login link and login using your fas username and password
>4) Click on the new ticket link
>5) Create a ticket of Type: change
>6) In the body of the ticket, state that you wish to have everyone who
>not in the cla_done group removed from this group and have future group
> members sign the FPCA in order to be added.
>7) Set the Component to "Hosted Projects"
>8) Submit the ticket.
>A member of the infrastructure team will process the request.
>In the future these steps will likely be integrated into the Fedora
>System Web interface but currently the ticketing process is required as
>infrastructure member has to do some steps manually.
>_[1]: Note that this includes the CLA's signed by certain corporations
>behalf of their employees contributing to the Fedora Project as well as
>Thank you,
>Toshio Kuratomi

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