Thanks Dimitris, I had tx-client configured correctly, but for some reason the bg and cs_CZ files aren't being pulled when I run 'tx pull --all'. If I specify the languages with --lang a folder is created with the Article_Info.po, Author_Group.po, and Revision_History.po files, but in both cases the main po file was put in a separate folder called 'translations', with a filename '<lang>.po' instead of 'Fedora_Live_Images.po'.

Is this a change to Publican/Transifex that I've missed? How do I get Publican to build using the file in the 'translations' folder? At the moment when I run 'publican build' as per, it simply falls back to using the en-US Fedora_Live_Images.po.


On Mon, 2011-06-20 at 22:51 +0300, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 10:10 PM, Nathan Thomas
<> wrote:
> I've received bug report BZ#714735  about the Bulgarian translation of
> the Live Image Guide. There's no folder for Bulgarian in the Live Image
> Guide git repo, and when I run 'tx pull -all', the Bulgarian translation
> isn't pulled (same with the Czech translation, and maybe a few others).
> Is there anything I need to do to set up these translations in the git
> repo?

The file pull works for me:

 $ tx init
 $ tx set --auto-remote
 $ tx pull --lang bg,cz_CZ
 $ ls translations/fedora-readme-live-images.Fedora_Live_Images/*po

> Also, I've noticed that some languages have two entries in the Transifex
> list - for example, Dutch has 'nl' and 'nl_NL'. In some cases a lot of
> work is going into the short-named translation (e.g. 'nl'), but only
> changes made to the long-named translation (e.g. 'nl-NL') seem to be
> pulled to the git repo when I run 'tx pull'.

Good point. I'll open a separate thread for this.


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