Keith Calligan


Time Zone / Country


Eastern Standard Time/USA


Basic skills and experiences


I've been working with various flavors of Linux for about 11 years (about 10 years professionally).  I obtained my RHCE certification (RHEL 5) back in February of 2009.  Through my work experience, I have worked in various job roles including network operations, technical support, and systems administration.   


At one time, I ran a web hosting company.  Through that role, I gained knowledge of the Apache web server, Sendmail, Bind, Mysql, and some php configuration.


I also have some experience working with VOIP on Linux systems.  At one of my companies, I setup a fax to email solution using Asterisk.


Nowadays, I build and maintain Red Hat servers for my company.  This includes setting-up, hardening, configuring, and patching servers that range from Snort sensors, Apache web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, etc.


I also have a little bit of a networking background in Cisco equipment and am familiar with basic firewall configuration and theory.



Why you're joining


I am joining the documentation project because I’ve learned a lot about Linux over the years and would like to give some of that knowledge back so more people can learn.  I’m also using this to learn from others in the group.  I've always had a preference for Red Hat for servers and Fedora for a Linux desktop system, so I think this is the best place for me to contribute.


What you're looking to do (be specific)


I’d like to start with writing some documentation.  Some small tasks to start off and maybe more later.  I think I can be of great help in regards to writing about any Linux configuration tasks.


How much time you can contribute (usually hours per week)


I can start out with an average of 2-4 hours a week.  Some weeks may be more and others less.

Keith Calligan
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