Some members of the docs team are going to be a Flock this year, and while we have a subset of people in the same location it would be wise to keep the conversation about our publishing issues moving. Unfortunately we can't all be there, so because of that I would like to request that people who are interested in join this discussion whether you will be at Flock or not to fill out a whenisgood[1] survey so that we can find a time that the majority of people can be available for.

Once we have an idea of who wants to attend and the split of remote vs Flock attendees we will come up with a plan for how we are going to be having the conversation (irc, voip, etc).

This conversation is rather important, as our current system is completely broken and in desperate need of repair.



The results of the whenisgood and the schedule of flock have shown that Wednesday 12 August at 1 PM EST is the best date to have this meeting. Please respond to this email if you plan on attending. 

As a reminder this meeting will take place this Wednesday at 1PM EST. We will be using bluejeans for video and audio chat and notes will be taken in IRC. Bluejeans requires a plugin for your browser that can be installed from a yum (dnf?) repository the company provides. Please install it ahead of time as we have a lot to talk about and very little time. Please comes prepaid to discuss solutions, we are looking to find a solution to our issue during this time, we are all painfully aware of the situation and while a short introduction of the issues may be appropriate we do not need to spend an hour talking about the past. 

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in working on this, even if you cannot attend. We will send out meeting minutes afterwards and I am sure they will be plenty of work for people who miss out on the meeting! :p

When the meeting starts please use the following link.